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The law offices of Jon K. Davis, has always been committed to representing members of New York labor unions and their families. In addition to NY labor unions, we also represent those who work for private companies or the government. We are experienced workers compensation lawyers.

Ultimately, every worker in the United States has basic rights in terms of compensation received if they have experienced a work-place related injury when on the job. While the process of filing legal action against an employer may seem daunting, our legal team is here to help you work through the process of filing for benefits. If you cannot return to work due to your injuries sustained while on the job, your permanent disability benefits can help ensure that you and your loved ones do not struggle under both emotional and financial hardship.

Unfortunately, certain workers are more likely to suffer from workplace-related injuries than others. These workers include construction workers, manufacturing workers, commercial drivers, and immigrant workers. If your job puts you at more risk for sustaining a fatal injury, you have the right as an employee to seek compensation when you feel your basic rights have been threatened.

There are different levels of benefits that a person can seek, depending on the extent of the injury sustained. Under New York law, there are several levels of disability: temporary total, permanent total, temporary partial, and permanent partial. Make a free consultation with our dedicated legal team today to discuss which category you or someone you love may fall under, and to begin the process of seeking the benefits you deserve.

At the law offices of Jon K. Davis, PC, we understand the everyday issues that workers face. Being from New York City, we make it our mission to help hard workers like you to achieve the compensation you are owed. Find out why so many New Yorkers have trusted Attorney Jon K. Davis to handle their case. Contact us at 800-336-CASH (CASH) today to discuss your claim.

Workers’ Rights Cases We Handle

At the law offices of Jon K. Davis, PC, we have seen just about every workers’ rights case. Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Employment Discrimination Claims

  • Work Injury Claims

  • Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Complaints

  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Violations

  • Wrongful Discharge or Termination

  • Unpaid Overtime

  • Benefit Denials and Appeals

  • Whistleblower Cases

  • Unemployment Claims

  • Blacklisting

  • Retaliation

  • Drug Testing

  • Polygraph Testing

  • Retirement Issues

  • National Guard Employment Right to Return

  • Wage Garnishments

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All in all, each case differs and usually has many legal issues to consider, so at the law offices of Jon K. Davis, PC, we take care to individually strategize each and every case. Similar cases exist, but each one has its own strings attached. Our goal is to develop a plan of action based on who is at fault and build a strong case on your behalf. Call 800-336-CASH (2274) or send an email to arrange for a consultation.