New York Lawyer for Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)

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It’s no secret that suffering a brain injury can debilitate even the strongest person. Suffering trauma to the head can have devastating consequences on victims and their family members and in some cases, you might need a New York Lawyer for traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can occur from a variety of sources, such as bicycle, car, truck, or construction site accidents, slips, and falls just to list a few. This type of injury causes lifelong complications.

At Jon K. Davis, PC, our team of understanding attorneys is ready to help you or your loved one take action by working with the most highly accredited medical professionals in the state of New York to give a diagnosis and prognosis to the seriousness of the injuries that have occurred and the medical treatment they will provide.  We are extremely successful and are known to have some of the largest verdicts in the State of New York.

How Can TBIs Be Caused?

There are many ways for one to experience any type of head trauma that affects the normal functions of the brain, but here is a small list of a few:

  • Blunt force

  • Shaking

  • Penetration

Lifelong impairment is unfair. Let our knowledgeable team of attorneys help you gain compensation and justice.

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