Manual labor can be a rewarding yet physically exhausting job. It’s also full of safety hazards and risks that could jeopardize a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. That’s why labor law is so significant across many industries, especially construction. These laws are designed to prevent construction accidents and protect workers from the harsh consequences of a construction job gone wrong.

An experienced labor law attorney is highly knowledgeable in legal protections for construction workers, including their union agreements and employer obligations. Some of the most common construction site injuries that a labor lawyer has to deal with include lacerations, broken bones and burns. Injuries to the neck, shoulder, back, knees and ankles are often the result of heavy lifting and machine operation. When an incident occurs on a worksite, an experienced construction injury and broken bone lawyer should be one of the first calls.

The best union accident lawyer understands the intricacies of workers’ compensation and the regulations of these benefits for workers. There are a lot of hoops to jump through to file a successful workers’ comp claim, which is why the guidance and leadership of an established construction and ladder accidents attorney are so beneficial. All employees need to know what their employer’s responsibilities are in terms of workplace safety. When an employer falls short of creating and maintaining a safe work environment, the legal implications are severe.

As scaffold accident lawyers are well aware of, there are risks everywhere you look on a construction site. Someone could fall, a heavy piece of material or machinery could collapse, or routine construction work could result in exposure to harsh chemicals, asbestos and even COVID-19 and other dangerous diseases. With the constant flurry of activity on a worksite and dozens of construction workers on the job at once, these risks must be mitigated accordingly by the employer.

If an employer fails to comply with labor laws and unknowingly or purposefully puts employees at risk, their workers are fully entitled to hire a labor personal injury lawyer in the event of injury or illness. Construction site accidents lawyers handle cases both big and small, whether it’s someone seeking several thousand dollars in damages for lost wages and medical bills, or a former worker seeking hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for significant trauma following serious injury or death.

If there’s one thing a good union personal injury lawyer knows, it’s that every workers’ comp case needs to be closely investigated to achieve the best possible results for the plaintiff. A leading labor attorney and asbestos lawyer must follow all the legal directions to properly file these claims and give their clients the highest chance of success. This is especially true when dealing with major construction employers who have the resources to bring high-powered legal teams of their own on the case.

A construction site accident attorney may work on individual cases as well as larger claims with multiple plaintiffs. If several workers were put in harm’s way as the result of an employer’s negligence, a construction site accident lawyer can put together a compelling case for legal compensation. A complicated labor law fight isn’t one to try on your own, which is why hiring the best construction accident lawyer in Brooklyn is a top priority after a serious incident.

If you’re looking for a construction injury attorney in New York, the team at Jon K. Davis PC Personal Injury Law Firm is here to help. As a trusted serious injury attorney, the firm has extensive knowledge of labor law and keeps your best interests in mind when putting together your construction site injury case.