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If your parent or a disabled loved one resides in a nursing home, home care facility or other adult living facility and you suspect the staff may be neglecting to provide the proper care for them, you must act quickly to preserve the health and safety of your loved one. If you see wounds or injuries that need immediate medical attention, contact a medical professional outside of the care facility right away and then contact nursing home abuse lawyers like Jon K. Davis.

After you are sure your loved one is stable, contact an experienced personal injury attorney to help you determine what kind of case you may have against the health care facility staff. Attorney Jon K. Davis has decades of insight assisting individuals and families with a broad range of personal injury cases, including nursing home and elder care residence abuse concerns. Call our offices at 800-336-CASH to learn about how he can help you.

Recognizing The Signs Of Elder Abuse And Neglect

The decision to have your loved one reside in a health care facility was not made easily. It was likely a difficult choice centering around their inability to care for themselves properly. You place trust in nursing homes and related care residences to provide the utmost care.

If you frequently visit and your loved one is always in the same position in their bed, try to communicate with them about their situation. Speak with staff members to find out why your loved one is always in the same position when you visit.

Common signs of abuse or neglect include:

  • Bedsores: Remaining in one position can result in bedsores that are at risk of infection.

  • Bruising: You notice bruising on their body that you feel can’t be explained away.

  • Lack of Proper Hygiene: They are dirty and are clearly not receiving proper hygiene care.

  • Weight Loss or Change in Behavior: Their medical situation drastically changes for the worse after admitting them to the facility.

When your requests to the staff of a health care provider go unheeded, you may confidentially speak with a personal injury attorney to learn more about your legal options.

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