I was in a motor vehicle accident due to unlawful or reckless behavior conducted by the other vehicle involved. Can you help me?

If you hit another vehicle due to what you believe to be unlawful or reckless behavior on their part, the first thing you should do, if possible, is to contact law enforcement for a report. A documented report on behalf of law enforcement in addition to photos and medical records of injuries you incurred [...]

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I was injured in a busy public place, what do I do?

Whether your injury was caused due to an environment left in disrepair such as a broken stair step, a lack of cleanliness in the area, or complacent signage to warn of dangers, if possible, always obtain as many photos of the area as possible and speak with witnesses and obtain their contact information for [...]

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Who should I call first when involved in an accident?

When you are involved in an accident it is common practice to speak to the insurance company of the other parties involved. The adjuster assigned to your claim will be friendly and provide you with great customer service and a sense of compassion. It is very important to remember the goal of the insurance [...]

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